We are now part of Havering North East London Sports Collective which allows us to participate in competative leagues for football, netball and basketball etc.

Sports Grant

Objectives of spend:

  • Improve the provision of PE & School Sport;
  •  Ensure that PE and School Sport is judged as at least good by internal and external monitoring;
  •  Broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils;
  • To develop a love of sport and physical activity;
  • To encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Desired outcomes:

  • Improved access to sporting activity including competitive events;
  • Staff CPD – increasing skill, competence and confidence in delivery of PE;
  • Specialist coaching;
  • Improved equipment, apparatus and resources to motivate and engage.



We now:

  • have two specialist coaches to work with the children and staff from Early Years to Year 6.
  • have a range of sports clubs available to the children such as gymnastics and dance as well as the more traditional sports clubs.
  • have purchased additional resources that support effective teaching and learning.