School Council


2016-2017 Representatives 

Romford Town Hall

On Monday 1st February, members of our school council went on an amazing trip to Romford Town Hall to visit the Mayor. Our trip included a tour of the Council Chambers, questions and answers with the Mayor and Mayoress and refreshments in the Mayor’s Parlour. The children got to hold the Mace, while wearing special gloves and all really enjoyed their trip!

Stranger Danger Workshop 28/01/16

PCSO Damien Williams visited Wykeham Primary School today. Delivering a workshop on Stranger Danger to our school council. The children learnt a lot from his visit and look forward to feeding back what they have learnt to the whole school in an assembly soon.

Houses of Parliament visit 04/11/15

On Wednesday members of the School Council and our newly elected Junior Travel Ambassadors travelled by tube from Elm Park station to the Houses of Parliament at Westminster. We were given a tour of Parliament during which we were told that there were 3 main areas, the House of Commons and the House of Lords and the Monarch area. Unfortunately, it was the Prime Minister’s question time, Mr Cameron was in the House of Commons but we were unable to go into the Commons or to see him.


 However our tour took us into the House of Lords. Here we found out that unlike the Members of Parliament who are elected by the public, Lords are appointed, sometimes they come from wealthy or titled families or they are people who are leading the way in which ever sphere they represent such as Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber (music ), Lord Alan Sugar (business), Lord Coe (sport )…  Most represent experts in many different areas. Within the House of Lords is the Monarch area in which is the golden throne that only the reigning monarch is allowed to sit on. Queen Elizabeth uses this once a year during the ceremony of the Opening of the Houses of Parliament.  We were told that Michael Jackson had once asked to buy it and when his offer was refused he had one created at his home.


 The MP for Romford Mr Andrew Rosindell, met with us and took us onto the Terrace overlooking the River Thames, which is an area the general public aren’t generally allowed to visit. Here he presented certificates to the children.


We completed a workshop during which the children created their own Bill, “Should school teachers wear a school uniform?” The children debated this as it would be done in the creating of a new bill or law, involving both the House of Commons and the House of Lords until an agreement between both houses was made and the Bill was passed and became a new law… It was made official that teachers have to wear a uniform!! Great fun was had by all and the children learned about democracy and creating new laws.


Comments were made about how smart the children looked in their school uniforms and how well behaved they were. We certainly were very proud of the children that represented Wykeham Primary School.